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Why you must be your own, first, and most ruthless editor

You’ve got a first draft – now what? An editor says they like your novel, and can you cut it by 25%? Where do you even start?? Ahead of presenting a workshop for the BFS on revising your own work, fantasy author Juliet E McKenna has a thing or two to say about being ruthless with that red pencil…

February Event – The Bestiary: Writing Fantastical Creatures

What would speculative fiction be without it’s fantastical creatures? From Dragons to imps, werewolves to Tatterskins, we love them all. Our final panel of Saturday’s Building Worlds event discusses fantastical creatures in all their glory. Why do we love them so much? What do they bring to our tales? How… Read More »February Event – The Bestiary: Writing Fantastical Creatures

February Online Event

Last year’s online event days were so much fun that we decided to keep doing them! Join us on Saturday 18th February for a day full of panels, readings, interviews and fun, all via zoom. Further details will be announced soon. Tickets are free to members and £5 for everyone… Read More »February Online Event