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The Imaginary Library

Allen Ashley reviews the in-person exhibition “Fantasy: Realms of the Imagination” at The British Library, London, running from 27 October 2023 to 25 February 2024

The front cover for Red River Seven by A. J. Ryan. The cover is red. There is a trail of black smoke weaving down the middle of the page, thin at the top and thick at the bottom. The title works are in white running down the middle of the page.

Red River Seven

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RED RIVER SEVEN by A.J. Ryan RED RIVER SEVEN by A.J. Ryan. Orbit Books. p/b. £9.99. Reviewed by Elloise Hopkins. He awakens to a corpse and to the realisation that he does not know his own name. Nor where he is. Nor why. It is a boat. Not large. His… Read More »Red River Seven

The front cover for The Fury of Kings by R.S Moule. The front cover shows a person on horseback in the top right hand corner of the page looking down over a rainy hillside.

The Fury of Kings

THE FURY OF KINGS by R.S. Moule from Second Sky Available for Pre-Order #BookReview #Fantasy THE FURY OF KINGS by R.S. Moule. Second Sky, ebook. £1.99. Reviewed by Elloise Hopkins. Gelick has the blood of kings. They say that Eyrispeak has no summit and can be seen from everywhere. A… Read More »The Fury of Kings

The front cover for Ghosts by GX Todd. The page is black and white tree branches are reaching in from either side of the page to a green circle in the middle with a white bird at the centre.


GHOSTS By GX Todd from @headlinepg #BookReview #Horror GHOSTS By GX Todd Headline Publishing Group, h/b, £20.00 Reviewed by Matthew Johns The conclusion to GX Todd’s Voices quadrilogy returns to the post-apocalyptic world that she had so artfully crafted in the three previous books. Seven years before, people all around… Read More »GHOSTS By GX Todd

The front cover for Reluctant Immortals by Gwendolyn Kiste. The cover is an up close image of a womans far. She is wearing a flower headband and round, gold rimmed sunglasses. Her lips are red and blood is dripping from the left side of her mouth.

Reluctant Immortals by Gwendolyn Kiste

Reluctant Immortals by Gwendolyn Kiste from @TitanBooks #BookReview #Horror #FeministRetelling Reluctant Immortals by Gwendolyn Kiste Titan, £8.99 Reviewed by Nadya Mercik For me, Gwendolyn Kiste’s “Reluctant Immortals” was an ultimately feministic retelling, bringing together “Dracula” by Bram Stocker and “Jane Eyre” by Charlotte Bronte. Though personally not a huge fan… Read More »Reluctant Immortals by Gwendolyn Kiste