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Fantasycon Guest of Honour

A little later than anticipated, but more than worth the wait, the BFS is honoured to announce our third and final Fantasycon 2024 Guest of Honour. Joining us in Chester, we are delighted to welcome Bella Pagan! Photograph copyright Alicia Clarke. Bella Pagan helps manage Tor UK, Pan Macmillan’s imprint… Read More »Fantasycon Guest of Honour

Shown is a graphic that has a purple, black and blue sky with stars and the silhouette of a tree with bare branches. Top left is Daniel McCormack who has short, brown hair and a beard. He is holding a small child on his shoulders. Top right is Rob Cameron, who has cropped black hair. Middle left is R.W.W. Greene, who has long, dark hair and a beard. Middle right is Ivor K. Hill, who has dark, short hair that is swept up and slight facial hair. Bottom left are A.K.M. Beach, a writing duo. He has short, dark hair and glasses and is wearing a dark suit. She has a black dress and is wearing a broad hat. Bottom right is a placeholder for Rien Gray, showing a silhouette of a person against dimly lit buildings. In the top middle are lines of white text, saying 'BFS Online Presents: Inspiration. Below are lines of white text, saying ‘Join us for readings from Daniel McCormack, Rob Cameron, R.W.W. Greene, Ivor K. Hill, A.K.M. Beach, Rien Gray’. At the bottom are lines of white text saying ‘Saturday 20th January, 10am to 6pm. Tickets from BFS website.’.

BFS Online: Inspiration – Readings

We have six readings from a range of authors – fantasy, science fiction and horror – to help you find your next book (or add to that beautiful TBR pile). Bring your favourite tipple and enjoy some first-rate readings from the SFFH community.
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