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Guest post

Subgenre deep dive: Steampunk

In this first of a new regular column, Tiffani Angus—co-author of Spec Fic for Newbies—takes us on a dive into the world of Steampunk.

Who at 60: 10 Doctor Who Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

As we continue to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Britain’s longest-running SFFH show—and the now-airing anniversary specials—here’s a peek at some of the non-TV world of Who penned by co-host of the All-New Adventures of the Doctor Who Book Club podcast (and BFS member) Chris Hawton.

Writing Fantasy for Children

Younger readers have certain expectations and needs from their books, and there is plenty of perceived wisdom about how authors should work within those boundaries. Ahead of the release of her novel The Butterflies of Meadow Hill Manor next week, fantasy author Stefanie Parks shares her tips for writing fantasy for children—as well as the rules she ignored!

When the dark gets poetic

As the last instalment in our month-long horror focus, BFS poetry editor Ian Hunter looks at the darker side of the lyrical and rhythmic.

Carry on Screaming: Comedy in Horror

Self-confessed “odd chap” Tim Mendees, fresh off the success of organising the Innsmouth Literary Festival, waxes lyrical for us on how the scary can actually be funny, too.

Can This Mere Mortal Resist?

New BFS member Sarah Elliott joins the 2023 horror spotlight to explain why she was lured back to the dark side after spending her adulthood saying she wasn’t into the supernatural.