Benefits of Joining the BFS

BFS members who connect with us get to know about the latest events, including our annual convention, Fantasycon.

You heard it here

Community Discord server

Members can discuss their books, the industry, and upcoming events. All in a respectful and safe members-only environment.


The newsletter connects all the members of the BFS and keeps them in the know

All the latest news rounded up, the Newsletter is a valuable resource. It lets members know about our latest opportunities to get involved, what’s going on, and even opportunities to be published with us. And they can even use it for their own needs (see “Your Say” below).

Event discounts

Save money on the events you already love

BFS members can enjoy our online events for free or for a discounted price. They also get a discount on their Fantasycon memberships. These savings add up to be worth the annual membership several times over for the most active fans!

Your say

As members, you can not only read what the BFS produces, but also contribute your own announcements and articles!

Member profiles and guest posts in our blog

The blog on this website is available for members to pitch a contribution (Contact here). We’d love to hear about…


Ask for a review for your own book or contribute a review for someone else’s! All our reviewers strive to be honest and fair, no matter whose book is being discussed. However, as a member, you may get to be reviewed that little bit quicker…