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short stories


Werewolves ed  by Ann Keeran and Kevin J. Kennedy KJK Publishing, ebook, £2.49 Reviewed by Sarah Deeming Werewolves are a staple in the horror genre. What is more frightening than the monster hidden in us that is only one full moon away from losing control and killing everyone? They are… Read More »Werewolves


Vampires ed by Ann Keeran and Kevin J. Kennedy KJK Publishing, ebook, £2.49 Reviewed by Sarah Deeming Short story collections are a funny breed of books. By bringing together a collection of stories from different people on a similar theme, you are changing the narrative voice from story to story,… Read More »Vampires

The Uncanny Gasronomic

The Uncanny Gastronomic – Strange Tales of the Edible Weird Edited by Zara-Louise Stubbs British Library, s/b, £9.99 Reviewed by Matthew Johns The latest in the series of British Library Tales of the Weird, this carefully curated collection of tales from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries are all themed around… Read More »The Uncanny Gasronomic

Good Girls Don’t Die

Good Girls Don’t Die by Christina Henry Titan, £9.99, Paperback Reviewed by Melody Bowles Good Girls Don’t Die is a compelling thriller set in four parts. Each of the first three parts centres around a different narrator trapped in a world they find horrifyingly familiar. It is an extremely well-written… Read More »Good Girls Don’t Die

Mermaids never drown

MERMAIDS NEVER DROWN Tales To Dive For Edited By Zoraida Cordova and Natalie C. Parker Titan Books, pb, £7.99 Reviewed by Christine Downes The problem with story collections is that inevitably, there will be some you love and others that leave you cold, and this is certainly the case with… Read More »Mermaids never drown

Holy Ghosts

HOLY GHOSTS: Classic Tales of the Ecclesiastical Uncanny edited by Fiona Snailham British Library Tales of the Weird p/b £9.99 Reviewed by Nigel Robert Wilson This collection of short stories about the supernatural edited by Fiona Snailham is mistitled. The subtitle is more appropriate. Entities traditionally described as ghosts rarely… Read More »Holy Ghosts

Polar Horrors

POLAR HORRORS: Strange Tales From the World’s Ends,  edited by John Miller British Library Press, p/b, £9.99 Reviewed by Pauline Morgan It would be fair to say that the majority of authors whose stories are included in this book never had the opportunity to visit the places where they are… Read More »Polar Horrors


THE LURE OF ATLANTIS Strange Tales of the Sunken Continent Edited by Michael Wheatley British Library Publishing, pb, £9.19 Reviewed by Christine Downes This is a collection of short stories collated by editor Michael Wheatley on behalf of the British Library. The theme of the collection is the fabled sunken… Read More »THE LURE OF ATLANTIS

The front cover for Fearful Implications by Ramsey Campbell. The images is a scene of a bedroom with a white boarded bed. The image is looking at the bottom of the bed with the back wall behind it. It is night. The window curtains are open and moonlight is coming through onto the bed on the left hand side. On the right, light from a slightly open doorway falls on a poster on the wall. Perched on the bedstead is a small demon with wings. It is looking back over its shoulder at us grinning.

Fearful Implications

Fearful Implications by Ramsey Campbell Fearful Implications by Ramsey Campbell PS Publishing, HB, £25.00            Reviewed by Sarah Deeming Whenever people talk about British horror, Ramsey Campbell’s name always comes up, and for good reason. With a writing career that spans decades and three films made of his books, he has… Read More »Fearful Implications

The front cover for We All Have Teeth by C A Yates. The cover is bright well. In the middle is a set of pop art style teeth with the title running through the teeth on a white legend.

We All Have Teeth

We All Have Teeth by C A Yates We All Have Teeth by C A Yates Fox Spirit Books, pb, £8.99 Reviewed by Sarah Deeming With a bright yellow front cover and a set of pop art teeth on the front, you could be forgiven for thinking We All Have… Read More »We All Have Teeth