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Shown is a graphic that has a sunny forest background with a book resting on a felled tree trunk. The book has grass, trees and a house growing from the open pages. Top left is a black and white photo of John Baker. He is standing in an Underground station wearing a dark three-quarter length coat, holding the lapels with each hand. John has short, dark hair and a trimmed beard. Top right is Shona Kinsella, who has long, black, wavy hair that hangs over right side of her face. On the bottom right and left is the BFS logo, a red and black dragon design curling around the letters ‘BFS’. At the top are lines of black text, saying 'BFS Online Presents: The Book Journey.’ Below are lines of black text, saying ‘Interview: Agent John Baker interviews by BFS Chair Shona Kinsella.’ At the bottom are lines of black text saying ‘Saturday 13th April, 12:15pm to 1:15pm. Tickets from BFS website.’

BFS Online: The Book Journey – Interview with Agent John Baker

John Baker is an agent with Bell Lomax Moreton, where he focuses on building his own cultivated list, shaped around his passion for Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror. He has a passion for subverting expectations and creating rich new worlds of adventure. Join the BFS event day to hear more about John and his role on The Book Journey.