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Flame Tree Press

Silent Key

Silent Key by Laurel Hightower Flame Tree Press, £12.96 paperback, £20 hardback Reviewed by Nadya Mercik Silent Key, being primarily a horror and supernatural story, has sturdy elements of a police detective and crime story and even some elements of historical espionage, which work wonderfully together. On top of that,… Read More »Silent Key

The front cover for Ramsay Campbell's Ancient Images. The cover is blue with some old-fashioned film reels in the bottom left hand corner and the faint image of a skull on the right.

Ancient Images by Ramsay Campbell

Ancient Images by Ramsay Campbell from @flametresspress #BookReview #Horror Ancient Images by Ramsay Campbell Flame Tree Press, pb, £8.75 Reviewed by Sarah Deeming When a film historian dies after supposedly locating a copy of a mythical film starring Karloff and Lugosi, his friend, Sandy, sets about finding the film and… Read More »Ancient Images by Ramsay Campbell