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Moths by Jane Hennigan, Angry Robot, paperback, £9.99 Reviewed by Stephen Frame If you like a dystopian thriller, Moths is your next read. This is a read-it-in-four-big-gulps book. A sit-up-until-4am-on-a-school-night book. Let’s start with the basics. A pandemic spread by mutated moths has killed half the male population of the… Read More »Moths

The front cover for World Running Down by Al Hess. There is a red camper van in the front right hand side of the page. The landscape around them is a desert with mountains in the distance. There are two people sitting on the van's roof.

World Running Down

World Running Down by Al Hess from @angryrobotbooks #BookReview #Futuristic #Dystopia World Running Down by Al Hess Angry Robot Books, £9.99 Reviewed by Nadya Mercik World Running Down is a story both layered and simple. On the one hand, it is a road journey with a mission to accomplish. It… Read More »World Running Down