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Dystopian Future

the front cover for Titanium Noir by Nick Harkaway. The cover is in various shades of dark red. There is a dark red outline of a city skyline with the image of a hypodermic needle towering over it in a slight bright shade of red. Towering over that needle is the outline of a man in a darker shade of red.

Titanium Noir

Titanium Noir by Nick Haraway from @CorsairBooks #BookReview #SciFi #DystopianFuture #DetectiveNoir Titanium Noir by Nick Haraway Corsair, HB, £18.19 Reviewed by Sarah Deeming Cal Sounder is occasionally hired by the police as a specialist detective when certain sensitive cases need a special touch. Thanks to a controversial new gene therapy… Read More »Titanium Noir