Shown is a graphic that has a sunny forest background with a book resting on a felled tree trunk. The book has grass, trees and a house growing from the open pages. Top left is the BFS logo, a red and black dragon design curling around the letters ‘BFS’. Top right is Micaela Alcaino, who has long dark hair with a fringe. She has her head turned towards the camera. Bottom left is Diana Sousa. She has long, dark hair and is wearing glasses, while turned away from the camera. Bottom right is Jenni Coutts, who has short, dark hair and is smiling. She is wearing a black jumper and behind her is black and white artwork. On the bottom right and left is At the top are lines of black text, saying 'BFS Online Artwork.’ Below are lines of black text, saying ‘See the beautiful artwork of Micaela Alcaino, Jenni Coutts, Diana Sousa.

BFS Online: A Mini Artshow

Artwork by Micaela Alcaino, Jenni Coutts & Diana Sousa

It’s said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and the same can be said for art. What cannot be argued is the immense skill and vision it requires to take an author’s vision and capture it in a vision.

Ahead of our panel on Artwork & Extras (Saturday 13th April, 2:30pm to 3:30pm), we thought we’d share some of the amazing pieces our artists have done. For the record, these are objectively beautiful and we at the BFS are filled with awe.

Micaela Alcaino

Book cover: Adventures of Amina Al Sirafi by Shannon Chakraborty (top left), Book cover: Italy and Spain by George R. R. Martin (top right), Book cover: Sun of Blood and Ruin by Mariely Lares (bottom left), Book cover: The Name of the Wind Special Edition by Patrick Rothfuss (bottom right).

Micaela Alcaino is a book cover designer and illustrator who relocated from her home in Sydney, Australia to London, UK in 2013. Recognised as one of The Bookseller’s Rising Stars in 2021, she attained the esteemed title of Designer of the Year at the British Book Awards in 2022. Her portfolio boasts a distinctive fusion of creativity and artistry, influenced by her passion for travel, her diverse cultural heritage, and a deep appreciation for the fine arts.

Jenni Coutts

Illustration: Forest Flight (top left), Book cover:Andrion by Alex Penland (top right), Book cover: Hide by Kiersten White (bottom left), Illustration: Into the Woods (bottom right).

Jenni Coutts is an illustrator, speculative fiction writer and GP based in Glasgow, Scotland. She is art editor for BFS Horizons and is art lead for the World Fantasy Convention in Brighton in 2025. She won the British fantasy award for best artist in 2022 and was nominated for the same in 2023, with artwork featured in both uk and international publications.

Diana Sousa

Map of Grief and Hope: The Alchemy of Sorrow anthology, edited by Sarah Chorn and Virginia McClain (top left), Evermore character cards: Evermore by Sara Holland (top right), Belladonna pin: Belladonna by Adalyn Grace (bottom left), Illustration: Sky Breaker by Addie Thorley (bottom right).

Diana Sousa lives in Portugal, where she works as a comic book colorist, and as a freelance graphic designer doing layout for TTRPG books, as well as swag, character cards, and maps for authors. In 2023 she was nominated for an Eisner Award for Best Coloring for her work in several Critical Role projects.

Find out more about these amazing artists on our blog. Get your ticket for BFS Online: The Book Journey here.

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