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Shown is a graphic that has a sunny forest background with a book resting on a felled tree trunk. The book has grass, trees and a house growing from the open pages. On the top right and left is the BFS logo, a red and black dragon design curling around the letters ‘BFS’. In the top middle are lines of black text, saying 'BFS Online Presents: The Book Journey. Below are lines of black text, saying ‘They say a story begins with a single word … but what comes next? Edits, cover design, promos, merch, more edits, maps, character art, proofreads, newsletters, interviews … are we there yet? Join the British Fantasy Society for The Book Journey.’ At the bottom are lines of black text saying ‘Saturday 13th April, 10am to 6pm. Tickets from BFS website.’

Event Date:

13 April, 2024

Event Time:

10:00 am BST

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Any journey starts with a single step, but there’s a helluva lot more to do before you reach your final destination – and the Book Journey is no different.

Join the British Fantasy Society as we dive into what to do once that first draft has been vomited onto the page. You’ve heard the call to adventure and started writing, but which guardians will help you get over the threshold, through the gate, and into published territory? We’ve assembled a variety of mentors to help you think through the trials and challenges of edits, cover design, promo, merch, more edits, maps, character arcs, proofreads, newsletters, interviews, blog tours, social media … are we there yet? This event is focused on what to do after you’ve put pen to paper, and when to do it. If you’re looking tips and want to be part of the conversation, grab your ticket now. Panels, interviews, and readings, oh my!

Introduction & Welcome (10–10:10am)

Panel 1 (10:10–11:10am): Editing. A discussion on the role and benefits of an editor. Why do they make your book better? And how do you choose the right editor for you? Join moderator PS Livingstone and panellists David Thomas Moore, Claire Cronshaw and Vicky Brewster as they chat about the partnership between editor and author.

Readings:  Paul A. Green (11:15–11:25am),  Anna Smith Spark (11:30–11:40am)

Break (11:40–12:10pm)

Agent Interview (12:15–1:15pm): BFS Chair Shona Kinsella interviews agent John Baker. John is an agent with Bell Lomax Moreton, where he focuses on building his own cultivated list, shaped around his passion for Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror. He has a passion for subverting expectations and creating rich new worlds of adventure. Join the BFS event day to hear more about John and his role on The Book Journey.

Reading (1:20–1:30pm): Marve Michael Anson

Lunch (1:30–2pm)

Reading (2:15–2:25pm): Shona Kinsella

Panel 2 (2:30–3:30pm): Artworks & Extras. A conversation about artwork and extras add that something special to your book. Should we judge a book by its cover? What can designers create to bring readers deeper into your world? Moderator Eleanor Pender chats to panellists Jenni Coutts, Diana Sousa, and Micaela Alcaino to answer these questions.

Reading (3:35–3:45pm): Eden Royce

Break (3:45–4pm)

Panel 3 (4–5pm): Marketing. A discussion on the role of marketing in book success. How do you find your readers? What strategies get your book noticed? Join moderator Lauren McMenemy as she chats to Beverley Lee, Nicole Eigener, Jenn Hanson dePaula and Stuart Conover about the best booky boosts and the dos and don’ts of marketing.

Reading (5:05–5:15pm): Leia Talon

Reading (5:20–5:30pm): J E Hannaford

Open mic (5:30–6pm): A get-together at the end of the day and an opportunity to catch up with all your writing community pals.

Any queries, please contact Pam via email:

Sorry, this event is expired and no longer available.

Event FAQs

This is an online event. What do I need to attend?

You need a computer or device (phone/tablet) capable of using Zoom and an internet connection.

I don't have a Zoom account.

You will need a Zoom account to participate, but an account is free to create and use. Just go here to make one.

I have difficulty hearing. Will I be able to enjoy this event?

All our online events have closed captioning, enabling those with hearing difficulties to follow everything.

Do I need to be a BFS member?

No. Everyone is welcome to attend our online events, although BFS members do get free entry. There are lots of great reasons to join, so we hope you'll consider it. You can join here.

Do you have a Code of Conduct?

Yes, we do. You can find our policy here.

Will the event be available to view later?

Yes, the event will be recorded and will be available for ticket holders to view at a later date.

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By: The BFS

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  • 13 April, 2024 10:00 am BST   -   6:00 pm BST
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