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April 2024

After Death

After Death by Dean Koontz Thomas & Mercer, pb, £6.99 Reviewed by John Dodd I’ve never read Dean Koontz before, and given the volume of work he’s put out there over the years, that always seemed like a massive oversight.  After Death begins with Michael Mace walking into the offices… Read More »After Death

Shadow Baron

SHADOW BARON by Davinia Evans. Orbit Books. p/b. £9.99. Reviewed by Elloise Hopkins. Two months have passed since Siyon – now Sorcerer Velo – saved the prefect’s son and lost Izmirlian Hisrani. He dreams of one day seeing Izmirlian again, but his dreams become stranger, and now one of the… Read More »Shadow Baron

Trusting the Unexpected Journey

Following the announcement of her new collection, Dark Crescent, Lyndsey Croal reflects on how a writing journey is rarely linear—sometimes, rejection doesn’t always mean the end of the writing journey.

My Brother’s Keeper

My Brother’s Keeper by Tim Powers Head of Zeus, pb, £9.19 Reviewed by John Dodd A tale of the Brontes, but unlike any tale you’ve ever heard of them before, Brothers Keeper is the story of all the Brontes, Charlotte, Emily, Anne, and lesser known Branwell.  All stories hide within… Read More »My Brother’s Keeper

Meet Robin CM Duncan

Every Friday, we meet a member of the BFS and peer deep into their soul (or, at least, a form they filled out). This week, we investigate the world of SF detective stories with Glasgow-based Robin C.M. Duncan.

Shown is a graphic that has a sunny forest background with a book resting on a felled tree trunk. The book has grass, trees and a house growing from the open pages. Top left is the BFS logo, a red and black dragon design curling around the letters ‘BFS’. Top right is Micaela Alcaino, who has long dark hair with a fringe. She has her head turned towards the camera. Bottom left is Diana Sousa. She has long, dark hair and is wearing glasses, while turned away from the camera. Bottom right is Jenni Coutts, who has short, dark hair and is smiling. She is wearing a black jumper and behind her is black and white artwork. On the bottom right and left is At the top are lines of black text, saying 'BFS Online Artwork.’ Below are lines of black text, saying ‘See the beautiful artwork of Micaela Alcaino, Jenni Coutts, Diana Sousa.

BFS Online: A Mini Artshow

It’s said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and the same can be said for art. What cannot be argued is the immense skill and vision it requires to take an author’s vision and capture it in a vision.

The grand illusion

THE GRAND ILLUSION by Syd Moore Magpie Books p/b £16.99 Reviewed by Nigel Robert Wilson This a delightfully constructed tale that puts flesh on a legend left over from the Second World War. A story was put about in occult circles that the planned Nazi invasion of Britain in the… Read More »The grand illusion

Darker by Four

Darker By Four by June CL Tan Hodderscape, HB, £20 Reviewed by Nadya Mercik Are you ready for mysteries and adventures, magic based on Chinese Yang-Yin philosophy and vampire-like Revenants that drink human Qi? Darker by Four by June CL Tun brings to you the Academy of Magic with all… Read More »Darker by Four