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Pennies from Heaven

Pennies From Heaven by James P. Blaylock Drugstore Indian Press (PS Publishing) pbk £14.99 Reviewed by Ian Hunter Okay, true confession time, American fantasy writer James Blaylock is one of my favourite writers of fantasy and one of the bookshelves in Hunter Towers groans under the strain of a lot… Read More »Pennies from Heaven

The front cover for Fearful Implications by Ramsey Campbell. The images is a scene of a bedroom with a white boarded bed. The image is looking at the bottom of the bed with the back wall behind it. It is night. The window curtains are open and moonlight is coming through onto the bed on the left hand side. On the right, light from a slightly open doorway falls on a poster on the wall. Perched on the bedstead is a small demon with wings. It is looking back over its shoulder at us grinning.

Fearful Implications

Fearful Implications by Ramsey Campbell Fearful Implications by Ramsey Campbell PS Publishing, HB, £25.00            Reviewed by Sarah Deeming Whenever people talk about British horror, Ramsey Campbell’s name always comes up, and for good reason. With a writing career that spans decades and three films made of his books, he has… Read More »Fearful Implications