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The Book of Love

The Book of Love by Kelly Link Head of Zeus, HB, £20.24 Reviewed by Rym Kechacha A Kelly Link fan is a reader well-versed in folklore and mythology and all the ways those things can get tricksy on you. A reader who is delighted when magic turns up in unexpected… Read More »The Book of Love


Eversion by Alastair Reynolds Gollancz, pb, £9.99 Reviewed by Sarah Deeming Silas Coade is the doctor on the Demeter, a sail ship searching the Norwegian fjords for a rumoured passageway to an unexplored lagoon. All the men on board could make their fortune with this discovery. But something is wrong… Read More »Eversion

What the River Knows

WHAT THE RIVER KNOWS by Isabel Ibañez. Hodderscape. h/b. £16.99. Reviewed by Elloise Hopkins. Buenos Aires, 1884. Inez’s father collects artefacts that have been touched by magic, filling their house with treasures and trinkets, but to Inez’s dismay, her parents spend six months of every year away from her in… Read More »What the River Knows