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Meet the BFS committee: Dr Kevan Manwaring, Editor of the BFS Journal

We love to shine a light on the volunteers who help keep the British Fantasy Society running—this

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Matthew Palmer

Five Things I Wish I Knew Before I Attended My First Worldcon

As we edge ever-closer to Worldcon taking over Glasgow in August, Matthew Palmer gives us a few

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Mentorships, bursaries and more

Today we announced the beginning of a few new initiatives that we’re very excited about, here

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The Waking of Angantyr by Marie Brennan

The Waking of Angantyr has everything going for it: Vikings, berserkers, blood magic, Norse gods,

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Among the Living by Tim Lebbon

Among the Living is a fast-paced thriller set in the Deep North. Climate change is altering our

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Freakslaw by Jane Flett

It’s summer in Pitlaw, a Scottish mining town where horizons and options are limited. Into this

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