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March 2024

A Midwinter’s Tale

A Midwinter’s Tail by Lili Hayward Sphere, hardback, £14.99 Reviewed by Rima Devereaux Peppered with tales from Cornish folklore, this evocative novel is set on the tiny island of Morgelyn, a fictional part of the Isles of Scilly. The narrative follows Mina Kestle as she unravels the mystery of a… Read More »A Midwinter’s Tale

Meet LS Delorme

Every Friday, we meet a member of the BFS and peer deep into their soul (or, at least, a form they filled out). This week, we head to Paris to meet Lexy, aka LS Delorme, an ex-rock musician and biochemist whose latest release is a new adult cross-genre paranormal romance.

Ask an Agent: March 2024

In this monthly column, we check in with one of our resident agents to answer those questions you’re too afraid to ask for yourself. This month, Laura Bennett of the Liverpool Literary Agency tackles questions asked by BFS members in our dedicated Discord channel covering comp titles, how to describe a series in a query letter, writing cross-genre, and the “new adult” category.

The Lake Boy

The Lake Boy by Adam Robert Newcon Press, ebook, £2.99, Reviewed by Sarah Deeming Cynthia lives with her brother, George, the local minister of a small parish in Cumbria. The hope is the remoteness of this new parish will cure Cynthia of her sinfulness. As she strives to contain her… Read More »The Lake Boy

Sanctuary of the Shadow

SANCTUARY OF THE SHADOW  By Aurora Ascher Bantam Books, HB, £17.47 Reviewed by Christine Downie Sanctuary of the Shadow is a dark fantasy romance by Canadian author Aurora Ascher. The main character is Harrow, a circus fortune teller who just happens to be the last living true Seer. Salizar, the… Read More »Sanctuary of the Shadow

For Neurodiversity Week: Maybe Dyspraxia?

We’ve had such a wonderful reception to the articles we’ve shared this week, Neurodiversity Celebration Week—from big, cathartic discussions in the BFS member Discord to members wanting to share their own articles. This one comes from Kit Whitfield, who shows you don’t need an *official* diagnosis to recognise yourself in ND traits, especially given the suspected genetic nature of these things.

Alien Clay

Alien Clay by Adrian Tchaikovsky Tor, HB, £18.99 Reviewed by Nadya Mercik A journey into otherness. A tale of confrontation – with the authorities, with the world around you, with yourself. A vibrant alien world steeped in science. And the same old traits of humanity that bring people onto the… Read More »Alien Clay

Meet Ian Green

Every Friday, we meet a member of the BFS and peer deep into their soul (or, at least, a form they filled out). This week, we meet SFF writer (and BFS book reviewer) Ian Green, whose work channels Tolkien to Iain M. Banks, and who has China Miéville on auto-buy.