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February 2024

Grievar’s Blood

GRIEVAR’S BLOOD by Alexander Darwin Orbit Books, pb, £9.99 Reviewed by Christine Downie Grievar’s Blood is the second novel of a trilogy by Alexander Darwin. I reviewed his debut novel, Combat Codes, for the BFS in Autumn 2023 and was keen to read the second instalment. We return to the… Read More »Grievar’s Blood

Disciples of Chaos

DISCIPLES OF CHAOS by M.K. Lobb. Titan Books. p/b. £9.99. Reviewed by Elloise Hopkins. Despite all that had happened, despite all the burdens of their pasts, Damian and Roz had found their way to each other. She always knows where to find him – his father’s grave. Strength had not… Read More »Disciples of Chaos

The Uncanny Gasronomic

The Uncanny Gastronomic – Strange Tales of the Edible Weird Edited by Zara-Louise Stubbs British Library, s/b, £9.99 Reviewed by Matthew Johns The latest in the series of British Library Tales of the Weird, this carefully curated collection of tales from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries are all themed around… Read More »The Uncanny Gasronomic

A Sense of Adventure

The best thing about writing—and especially speculative fiction writing—is the places you can go, writes Carl Bayley, author of The Souls Series. He shares his tips for creating adventure with the BFS.

Empire of the Damned

Empire of the Damned by Jay Kristoff Harper Voyager, pb, £8.27 Reviewed by Sarah Deeming For over 30 years, the world has been cast in darkness when the sun set and shadow covered the land. The vampires, without the sun holding them back, unleashed their cruelty on humanity, enslaving most… Read More »Empire of the Damned

Tonight, I Burn

Tonight, I Burn by Katharine J. Adams Orbit , £9.99 paperback Reviewed by Nadya Mercik The appeal of witches and covens is immense for writers, but in her novel with a rather provocative title (there are so many ways to interpret it – it’s a challenge and a rebellion which… Read More »Tonight, I Burn

Achtung! Cthulhu: Serpent and the Sands. RPG Review

Achtung! Cthulhu: Serpent and the Sands By Modiphius, C2023, Price: £12.00, Website Review by: Seth Stauffer There are few better places to search for occult artifacts than Northern Africa. Ever since ancient Egypt’s ruins were uncovered they have continued to captivate the popular imagination. Dark forgotten tombs, powerful pharaohs, curses,… Read More »Achtung! Cthulhu: Serpent and the Sands. RPG Review

Meet Eugen Bacon

Every Friday, we meet a member of the BFS and peer deep into their soul (or, at least, a form they filled out). This week, we head Down Under to meet the self-described “queen of genre-bending”. Eugen Bacon is a writer of black speculative fiction with a futurism backdrop—or “Afro-irrealism”, as it’s been called!

The Creeping Stick

The Creeping Stick by Liam Ronan Pendragon Press, ebook, £0.99 Reviewed by Sarah Deeming Raziel M. Spindle was a philanthropist, cursed with a sickly, misshapen body but with a keen intellect and the finances to explore the world. And when a storm wrecks his ship on the shore of a… Read More »The Creeping Stick

Fantasycon Guest of Honour

A little later than anticipated, but more than worth the wait, the BFS is honoured to announce our third and final Fantasycon 2024 Guest of Honour. Joining us in Chester, we are delighted to welcome Bella Pagan! Photograph copyright Alicia Clarke. Bella Pagan helps manage Tor UK, Pan Macmillan’s imprint… Read More »Fantasycon Guest of Honour