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Event Date:

6 July, 2024

Event Time:

10:00 am BST

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The stories we tell matter, as do the way we tell them.

From the view we give the reader to the parts of ourselves we lend, a book is a labour of love, crafted word by word and layer by layer. There’s no single process – what works for one writer won’t always work for another. Join the BFS and a host of guests for Writing Your Way, a whole day focused on the methods and experiences that determine the books we write.

Introduction & Welcome (10–10:10am)

Panel 1 (10:10–11:10am): The Influence of Experience. A discussion on how lived experience impacts the words and way we write. Why do certain stories matter more to us? How much of ourselves – our culture, history and language – show up on the page? Join moderator Lee Murray and panellists Kev Harrison, E. Saxey, and Calah Singleton as they chat about why our background and knowledge make a difference. Find out more about our panel here:

Readings (11:15–11:40am):  Eve Smith (11:15–11:25am),  Carol Carman (11:30–11:40am)

Break (11:40–12:10pm)

Author Interview (12:15–1:15pm): BFS Chair Shona Kinsella interviews Tiffani Angus and Val Nolan. Two heads are better than one! Tiffani Angus and Val Nolan, authors of Spec Fic for Newbies Vol. 1, chat to Shona Kinsella about all things writing and the upcoming awesomeness of Vol. 2. Find out more about our interviewees here:

Reading (1:20–1:30pm): David Green

Lunch (1:30–2pm)

Reading (2:15–2:25pm): Eliane Boey

Panel 2 (2:30–3:30pm): POVs. A conversation about different points of view and what they do for your book. Are we leaving enough room for the reader? Is the scope of the book limited by the POV you choose? Do we secretly all want to play God and write omniscient? Moderator Moderator Eleanor Pender chats to panellists Rien Gray, Nadya Mercik, and Tao Wong to answer these questions. Find out more about our panel here:

Reading (3:35–3:45pm): Ian Green

Break (3:45–4pm)

Panel 3 (4–5pm): Plotter or Pantser? A discussion on the preparation, or lack thereof, for writing a book. Do you have timelines, spreadsheets and character profiles galore? Or are you flying by the seat of your undergarments? Join moderator Lauren McMenemy as she chats to to CL Hellisen, Rebecca Kaur and Ally Wilkes about the methods and madness of getting that story told. Find out more about our panel here:

Reading (5:05–5:15pm): Carol B. Duncan

Open mic (5:20–6pm): A get-together at the end of the day and an opportunity to catch up with all your writing community pals.

For more information on our fabulous readers and where to buy their books, click here.

Any queries, please contact Pam via email:

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You will need a Zoom account to participate, but an account is free to create and use. Just go here to make one.

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Yes, the event will be recorded and will be available for ticket holders to view at a later date.

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  • 6 July, 2024 10:00 am BST   -   6:00 pm BST
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