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Join or Renew with the Bfs

With memberships starting from just £20, there are many reasons to join the BFS. We are a family of fantasy and horror enthusiasts  all with different motivations brought together by our love of these genres.  Some of us are writers, publishers, artists, bloggers and agents, others would like be those and so come to find out more. We endeavour to provide a place for people to connect and discover new friends, new books, and new worlds. There is something here for everyone, and if you think something is missing you can tell us and we’ll help you make it happen.

Membership Types

Paper or e-Memberships

You can choose between Paper or eMemberships. Our Paper membership includes the added costs of printing and posting our publications to you, while eMemberships gives you ebook versions only. 

Single or Joint Memberships

As well as a choice in format for publications, for paper memberships you can choose to get a single membership for yourself, or a joint membership for you and your partner. With joint memberships you get a reduced rate because we only send one copy of the publications for the household, but each person named on the joint membership gets a vote at the awards, and discounts to events are also for both parties.

UK, EU or Worldwide

Although we are based in the UK we accept members from all over the world. The cost of sending paper copies of the publications abroad is reflected in the pricing.

Member Benefits

  • £10 off Fantasycon Tickets.
  • One free entry in the BFS Short Story Competition
  • The right to vote in the British Fantasy Awards
  • Attendance at the AGM and a say in how we run the society
  • Free or discounted access to country-wide social events and book launches
  • Specialist writing workshops, and events, as available
  • Monthly BFS e-newsletter
  • Free copies (either print or electronic) of BFS Journal and BFS Horizons
  • Electronic copies of any special or additional BFS publications.
  • Electronic Archive of previous publications.

"I’ve always dabbled as a writer – pieces of flash fiction, short stories, and some truly awful poetry, which will never see the light of day – but I didn’t become serious about it until 2015. I tried to find my people, with little success, in part because I didn’t have the confidence to approach those I saw as ‘proper writers’ but mostly because I was looking in the wrong places. Book festivals and conventions are great if you want general information about book publishing (or write literary fiction) and just feel like soaking in a booky atmosphere. What they won’t do is give you a community. In 2019 I attended my first British Fantasy Society FantasyCon and I immediately knew it was the right place. This newbie was welcomed, approached, asked questions. Even better, I didn’t have to fear those negative microexpressions when I said I wrote fantasy. That weekend was the start of something wonderful, and in the years since, my esteem for the BFS has only grown. They’ve run FantasyCon in difficult circumstances (more than once) and produced high-quality publications while still looking for ways to support and raise up their members. We’ve had more events than ever before, many free for BFS members, and March 2023 will also see its first retreat. All this on top of competitions, workshops, and book launches. Suffice to say that the membership fee is an epic bargain. The BFS describes itself as “friendliest genre society bar none” and although I agree, I think they’re doing themselves a disservice. The committee and members are dedicated, passionate people, making the BFS what it is: a society run for the celebration and betterment of speculative fiction and a welcoming home for those who create it."