Workshop Recording – Writing Historical Fantasy: Research as a Catalyst with Tiffani Angus


Recording of the Writing Historical Fantasy: Research as a Catalyst workshop with Tiffani Angus


Historical fantasy is such a wide subgenre that knowing where to start can be confusing. This workshop explores the complicated relationship between history and fantasy and consider different modes of research along with questions you can ask while developing story ideas. Tiffani Angus uses examples from her own work to illustrate her process while she leads you on a couple of fun activities to get you started on new historical fantasy story ideas. Be ready to take some notes and do some internet searches.

This is a recording of a workshop which has already taken place.

Tiffani Angus, PhD, spent over a decade teaching creative writing at university level with a special emphasis on SFF. A graduate of the Clarion workshop, she writes in several genres, and her debut novel, Threading the Labyrinth, was shortlisted for the BSFA and BFS Best Novel awards. With Val Nolan she’s a co-author of the new Spec Fic for Newbies: A Beginner’s Guide to Writing Subgenres of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror, based on their teaching, writing, and workshop experiences. She’s also the co-director of the Underhill Academy for SFF Writers. More information about their courses and services can be found here:


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