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Volunteer with the BFS

Volunteers Wanted!

Currently we are looking for:

Assistant volunteer officers.
Working with the BFS Chair to help organise our lovely volunteers. You should be willing and able to check emails at least once per day, and more often during the runup to events.
You will be given direction on how to go about this role, and help setting up any tech you might need. A bonus if you have previous experience in using Zoom, Discord, Whatsapp, WordPress or similar systems, but these are not prerequisites!

Regional events organisers
Have you always wished there were more fantasy themed events near
where you lived? Think you might be happy to talk to venues, wrangle
some local authors or fans, and set up a date? Then why not be a BFS
regional event volunteer? You will get help to organise things,
direction on how to best represent the BFS, and a say in how things work

Interested? Please use the form below to start the conversation. You can suggest something we haven’t mentioned here!

BFS Volunteer Form

The BFS is always open to hearing from people who would like to volunteer to make our society better. Please fill out the form and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Remember, we are all volunteers ourselves and will do our best but please be patient for our response.